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I have been making wax fire starters and I made a video on it,  I have learned a thing or two since  the video.

You will need 2 stripes of thick paper like that of a file folder at 1/2" and the length of a regular egg carton and then put 6 holes in the paper at the point where you would put the egg.

To help the fire starter burn longer I put material in the wax, like dryer lint or wood shavings of any size but bigger is better(In this case)

I pored hot wax into the egg carton,  then place the stripes of paper on the carton over the wax.

Now you can make your own wick by soaking  cotton or fibered string in wax and lay them out to dry or buy store bought wicks and the roll.  50ft. $20.00

Cut the wick at about 11/2 inch long and put it in that hole in the paper, it will keep the wick in the center of your fire starter and I found that it is important, it will burn longer.


I put the time test to three different kinds of fire starters I made in perfect conditions with no wind.

The wax with the dryer lint burned for 30 min. (very nice) The wax with the wood chips 20 min.(but burned really hot). And the regular wax fire starter burned 20 min. with a small flame.

Have Fun And Let Me Know What You Do.

Phoenix out


I will do all I can before I die or die trying.

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