Arizona Arizona Stuff they leave behind 106759171 making plains 106759172 old sign of what is really happening 106759173 our fearless leader 106759174 2nd in command 106759175 Kurt Kurt the Man 106759176 Kurt again and the mexican border behind him 106759178 checking out a trail Kurt checking out a trail up the mountain side 106759179 returning 106759180 Drug bust of the Florida group 106759181 new sign political bull Stapled over the other sign just before elections 106759182 troops now is this a scary group of guys ? 120821276 120821277 120821278 120821281 120821282 120821283 120821284 120821285 120821286 120821287 120821288 120821289 Made it to the top Bushmaster climbs antelope 120821290 Desert trashed by Ilegals and cartel 120821291 Moose and Bushmaster Firemen cleared this area of trash at tax payers expense. President don't care 120821296 Again very depressing 120821297 Our safe parks 120822396 drug cartels transporters Stolen vehicles used to carry drugs from border through desert in washes 120822397 Tunnles they use This is a concrete pipe they use to cross under main highways 120822398 Fresh tracks of IA'S 120822399 Capture a group 120822400 The area they traveled 120822401 120822402 Rounding up on our side now 120822403 120822404 120822405 120822406 more tracks in the sand 120822407 120822408 120822409 120822410 120822412 Border patrol bring them in 120822413 120822414 120822415 Our massive fence at the border 120822416 120822417 Dropped on the way back We chased a couple mexs back into Mexico and one dropped this bag full with supplies 120822418 Watching the border Citizens doing Goberments job 120822419 Fresh water bottles 120822420 Like new Jacket Was a company Jacket from some company in Mexico 120822421 Gobernment lies This was stapled over the original signs that said to keep out during the elections 120822422 Carries drugs and IA's They use these also to ride across the 5 day journey from the border 120822423 Water They drink dirty sicking water don't know how they aren't deathly sick when we get them 120822424 Hygen That is tooth paste found out in the desert 120822425