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Quotes Top notch self protection dvds! When in search of a no- nonsense Krav Maga instructional dvd, Kwik Krav- Self Defense For The Real World, is the only one that measured up. Most dvd's on the subject are overly complicated and poorly presented, where as Mr. Howland's approach is straight foreword, clearly understood and very practical. No need to back up the dvd twenty times to see how the technique is being done, Mr. Howland breaks it down to it's bare bones so it's understood first time, everytime. I highly recommend this dvd for self protection, to everyone from beginner to advanced, there's something here for everyone. Quotes
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Quotes I have been in dangerous situations with this man on the Arizona border, and had the opportunity to see him in action. You can't get a better instructor than Kurt if you serious about learning how to be ready for up coming bad situations that are about to take place in our country. So if your serious contact him and spend the cash, You will get your money's worth Bushmaster Quotes
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Quotes I am truly pleased to find such a site. With the condition the world is in and the direction it is being led if you cannot defend yourself & your family you are in a very dark tunnel with no light at the end. There are so many vetrans & professionals around that can teach the proper way to handle any given situation but there are only a few credible places that they can meet, if only to discuss the W's, who what when where & why. Quotes